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At 7pm Thursday evening the 8th February 2018 I stood in awe...

Dear Bulldog rugby parent,
Herewith an overview where we find ourselves currently:
At 7pm Thursday evening the 8th February 2018 I stood in awe as the whole PV Rugby A field (cricket match on B Field) was filled with 3 groups of over 70 boys (under 14,15,16's) all hard at work in preparation of the season ahead. 30 Senior players currently practice directly after and before school which puts us at a record breaking 100 plus Bulldog players and coaches working of their own accord. Coaches not paid, neither players forced! Just an absolute love and passion for the game driving them… This is how far we have come… 

However, I will not be doing my job as architect of this program, if I do not point out the importance of EVERY SINGLE registered and able player doing their upmost to be attend all pre-seasonpractices! 
To our Baby Bulldog parents: The step up and intensity of primary school’s rugby to high school rugby is massive, and we have so little time to get so much done in binding a…

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