Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Parel Vallei High - SA Rugby School of the Year!

So proud of all our Parel Vallei Rugby coaches, parents and players. What a collective team effort it has been! In my capacity as coach the last 11 years, founder/director of KAIWHANA Rugby™ and now Director of Rugby at Parel Vallei High School in Somerset West, I have been involved with hundreds of South African & North American school and club players! Apart from this, I have been fortunate enough to coach many teams in this time too, and seldom does a team, then a school experience one, as was the 2016 rugby season! The cherry on top, the prestigious title SA Rugby School of the Year! This is based on growth, coaches commitment to development, player and parent involvement and last on the list results... Yet they speak for themselves too...

Our 5 year transformation plan in placing Parel Vallei High on the rugby map and establishing the school as a force within high school rugby in the Western Cape is well underway, even slightly ahead of schedule with the release of renowned High Schools Rugby website Ruggas.co.za national rankings! PV is the 33rd ranked Top 50 Rugby School in South Africa!

This means only one thing to me, we have to work harder, innovate and excel! On the back of the SA Rugby School of the Year award a flood of coaches applications came through. This was perfect timing because, in addition to coaches that departed in 2016 and an ever expanding PV Rugby program (from 6 to 10 teams since 2014) next year, Parel Vallei Rugby had to appoint 4 new coaches. Truly exciting times for PV Rugby and all those involved! All PV Rugby Coaches (if not already Boksmart & WR Level 1 accredited) are sent pre-season to attain these minimum, up to date certifications. Playing experience always a big factor in our appointment of coaches...

Jonathan Schenck – Under 14B:  
Player:  Kingswood College 1st XV 2010/11/12, Rhodes 1st XV 2014/15/16, EP u/21 Squad 2014
Coach:  Kingswood College 4th Team 2014, Kingswood College 3rd 2015, PV Junior post season 2016

Emile Booyens – Under 14B/C:               
Player:  Parel Vallei 1st XV 2015/16. SCST New Zealand Touring Squad 2016.

Coach: PV Junior Schools Rugby Clinic
at Beaumont Primary 2015, PV Junior post season 2016

Erik de Villiers - Under 15B/C:      
Player: Parel Vallei High 1st XV, NNK u/20, Helderberg RFC 2nds and Milnerton RFC 1st's

Coach:  Beaumont, Welgemoed and
Somerset College Primary (u/8 to u/13)

Jaco Venter – Under 15A:                           

Player:  WP u/16, u/17, u/18 u/19, u/21 and SA Schools Academy 1999 – 2000, WP u/19 Sevens captain. WP u/21 & WP Senior 7’s – 2003. Durbell RFC 1st  XV Coach:   Stellenberg High 1st XV consultant coach

We welcome these gentleman to the PV fold. I will see all players, dad's and coaches together at Back to Basics in the Grabouw next March for our annual Dad's and Lads Camp... I close with  with deep gratitude towards each coach, player, parent and supporter alike for your undying allegiance to PV Rugby!


Friday, 9 September 2016

Top 50 Rugby Schools in South Africa ranking for Parel Vallei High!

The Parel Vallei Rugby season drew to a close on Saturday with the with an emphatic 61 – 3 victory for our 1st XV over a flustered  Settlers High . This closed off the most successful season to date overall, in the Parel Vallei High School short 30 year rugby history! This weeks release of the SA Schools National Rugby Rankings underpins this statement and confirms a definite upward surge across the board with the Bulldog 1st XV the cherry on top at number 29 in South Africa!

Under 14A at number 54
Under 15A at number 46
Under 19A at number 29

Parel Vallei is eagerly awaiting the combined national rankings to be released soon, pooling all 4 age groups together. Last year’s ranking of number 53 in South Africa hopefully surpassed as envisioned! PV’s first team played 20 matches, winning 15, only losing 4 and drawing 1 against Eastern Cape rugby powerhouse Pearson High 9 all finishing off the season with a 79 percent win ratio!

“We are constantly striving for excellence…” says Head of Rugby, Thinus Pienaar. Last week’s function he had for the new Grade 7 rugby recruits to Parel Vallei for 2017 is a clear indication of his drive and commitment to live by that motto. “This speeds up the under 14 preparations for Kwagga Week 2017 by 4 months as the boys already go onto a post season program as of this week…” This new approach, to cement a culture of hard work and the reward of it, also sees the Under 14 Rugby trials take place 10 January 2017. The man that has been instrumental in bringing about this change in Parel Vallei Rugby is, Mr David Schenck. He arrived 6 months prior and started of by looking at a more holistic and healthy Grade 7 intake towards rugby and sports in general. This ensured Pienaar – who was appointed by Schenck in November 2014 – started 2015 with a player base of well over 50!
The rest is history as they say, as PV Rugby marches on into the 3rd of Pienaar’s 5 year transformation plan in placing Parel Vallei High on the rugby map and establishing the school as a force within high school rugby in the Western Cape. This was under- pinned this week with renowned High Schools Rugby website Ruggas.co.za rating PV as the 33rd ranked Top 50 Rugby School in South Africa! Full story available here

Sunday, 12 June 2016

The 4A's to Success...

"The 6 week break, I believe, is a Godsend to rest, recuperate and give the players a fair chance to heal properly.”

This was a tough and long strip of rugby: the WBHS Festival, WP trials and 10 – 13 games “back-to -back" that really tested our depth and reserves to the limit! Nevertheless, we made it to the other side with fantastic results from our 1st XV and junior teams. Therefore, it is critical that the boys stay fit and conditioned throughout the next 6 weeks; not just rest on their laurels. Another 8 matches lie ahead after the break against big boys like Worcester Gymnasium and Pearson High. All recently appointed S & C coaches received fitness tests, conditioning standards and parameters to follow our players work at home or on vacation.

Hiermee die betrokke "Ouderdomsgroep S & C afrigters" vir die volgende 6 weke:

 / 14 - JJ Niewoudt (Universiteit Stellenbosch)
 / 15 - Jacques du Plooy (Virgin Active)
 / 16 - Lara Vee (Me in Motion)
 / 19 - Charl Marks (Blaauw and Associates)

I would like to restate my rugby philosophy that PV Rugby’s ONLY MISSION is to transform young men into gentleman, through the amazing vehicle that is rugby!

I would like to introduce and imprint the 4 ‘A’s to Success on our PV players and parents:

1) Academics.
The fully functional, rugby organizational structure and foundation runs parallel to the school’s mission, in providing a balanced education. This means you plan well, as with rugby; you study well, as with rugby; you show up for class, as with rugby. You execute by writing exams well, as with rugby and playing matches. Failure to do so, as with rugby, will result in disciplinary action.

2) Attitude.
Parel Vallei Rugby strives to nurture and develop individual talent in an arena that promotes teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, discipline and humility. There is no room for apathy. Your word is your honour! There must be total commitment to team spirit, towards unity, to being the best you can be.

3) Advancement.
For too long there has been a culture of just competing and that being good enough. The spate of recent upsets against Premier B schools and the successes of the under 14, 15 and 19 groups has been breeding a culture of winning and what it feels like. It is time we stand tall in it and start preparing and fighting to retain it. That is Bulldog Spirit. Abraham Maslow said, “In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety…”

4) Achievement.
Success not always measured in results but is measured in the ripple effect the changing scholar, gentleman, rugby player has on his environment, e.g. his family, his workplace one day, his circle of friends and community. We are in it not to win it, but to change lives. That is when the magic of winning naturally starts occurring. That is the magic of rugby. This is success!

Thank you all for a wonderfully successful 2nd term. A very special mention and deepest thanks goes to those on the rugby committee and to Hennie Groenewald, Parel Vallei High RPC Chairman, for your astute leadership. To all the parents, Keep supporting our boys, no matter what, keep believing and the magic will follow! Be safe on your travels. I look forward to seeing everyone back, roaring to go!

Thinus Pienaar
Head of Rugby/Hoof van Rugby
Parel Vallei High/Hoerskool Parel Vallei