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Parel Vallei Rugby 2017 (Die Burger 17 Februarie)

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Parel Vallei High - SA Rugby School of the Year!

SA Rugby School of the Year!
So proud of all our Parel Vallei Rugby coaches, parents and players. What a collective team effort it has been! In my capacity as coach the last 11 years, founder/director of KAIWHANA Rugby™ and now Director of Rugby at Parel Vallei High School in Somerset West, I have been involved with hundreds of South African & North American school and club players! Apart from this, I have been fortunate enough to coach many teams in this time too, and seldom does a team, then a school experience one, as was the 2016 rugby season! The cherry on top, the prestigious title SA Rugby School of the Year! This is based on growth, coaches commitment to development, player and parent involvement and last on the list results... Yet they speak for themselves too...

Our 5 year transformation plan in placing Parel Vallei High on the rugby map and establishing the school as a force within high school rugby in the Western Cape is well underway, even slightly ahead of schedule w…

Top 50 Rugby Schools in South Africa ranking for Parel Vallei High!

The Parel Vallei Rugby season drew to a close on Saturday with the with an emphatic 61 – 3 victory for our 1st XV over a flustered  Settlers High . This closed off the most successful season to date overall, in the Parel Vallei High School short 30 year rugby history! This weeks release of the SA Schools National Rugby Rankings underpins this statement and confirms a definite upward surge across the board with the Bulldog 1st XV the cherry on top at number 29 in South Africa!
Full SA School Sports Rankings: Under 14A at number 54 Under 15A at number 46 Under 19A at number 29
Parel Vallei is eagerly awaiting the combined national rankings to be released soon, pooling all 4 age groups together. Last year’s ranking of number 53 in South Africa hopefully surpassed as envisioned! PV’s first team played 20 matches, winning 15, only losing 4 and drawing 1 against Eastern Cape rugby powerhouse Pearson High 9 all finishing off the season with a 79 percent win ratio!
“We are constantly striving …

The 4A's to Success...

"The 6 week break, I believe, is a Godsend to rest, recuperate and give the players a fair chance to heal properly.”

This was a tough and long strip of rugby: the WBHS Festival, WP trials and 10 – 13 games “back-to -back" that really tested our depth and reserves to the limit! Nevertheless, we made it to the other side with fantastic results from our 1st XV and junior teams. Therefore, it is critical that the boys stay fit and conditioned throughout the next 6 weeks; not just rest on their laurels. Another 8 matches lie ahead after the break against big boys like Worcester Gymnasium and Pearson High. All recently appointed S & C coaches received fitness tests, conditioning standards and parameters to follow our players work at home or on vacation.
Hiermee die betrokke "Ouderdomsgroep S & C afrigters" vir die volgende 6 weke:

 / 14 - JJ Niewoudt (Universiteit Stellenbosch)
 / 15 - Jacques du Plooy (Virgin Active)
 / 16 - Lara Vee (Me in Motion)
 / 19 - Ch…

The lonely life of a rugby coach (Written by Eugene Eloff)

I was inspired to write this article because of my own experiences, watching Super Rugby and the stress that coaches are under and chatting to my fellow coaches - good coaches that have been fired after the 2015 World Cup.

Recently I saw how two young coaches went through perturbation and were highly strung and stressed, all because of the pressures of the game. It does not matter at what level you coach, there will always be pressure, on and off the field. This pressure will come from unions, clubs, schools, supporters, society, parents and the pressure you put on yourself. The only difference lies in the level of coaching; the higher the level, the more the pressure, the more you are scrutinized and the more you are public property.
There are two well known sporting sayings regarding coaches:
Ken Loeffler said: "There are only two kinds of coaches - those who have been fired, and those who will be fired."
While Lou Holtz said: "Coaching is nothing more than eliminati…

Not always about the result...

When we lose a match; especially like the one on Saturday against 16 men, and a plethora of principles like sportsmanship and fair play of our beautiful game gets disregarded to feed other's ego's I have to remind myself on what the essence of rugby really is all about.

It is not always about the result...
One of my friends asked "Why do you pay so much money and spend so much time running around for your son to play rugby?" Well I have a confession to make: I don't pay for my son's rugby training or his kit, pads, gum shield or boots. Or even his hundreds of rugby balls.
So, if I am not paying for rugby, what am I paying for? - I pay for those moments when my boy becomes so tired he feels like quitting but doesn't.. - I pay for the opportunity that my boy can have and will have to make life-long friendships. - I pay for the chance that he may have amazing coaches that will teach him that rugby is not just       about game plays but a…

Parel Vallei Rugby Newsletter:

The kick off to the Parel Vallei High School rugby season 2016 occurred in the March holidays with unparalleled success! When I lit the first fire at the “Rugby Bekendstelling’s Braai” in February I smiled, realising that it was that time of the year again! Close to 150 parents and players shared supper on the beautiful Parel Vallei school grounds around the clubhouse. As the sun was setting over the Helderberg mountain all listened to welcome messages from myself, Mr Schenk (headmaster) and Hennie Groenewald (Rugby Committee Chairman) and socialised well into the night talking all things Parel Vallei Rugby. What stood out for me more than anything was the large number of amazing, committed group of new  father’s and mother’s ready to help push PVRugby forward into the future! Not only is the mind-set of the rugby player being changed, but more importantly that of the parent! This event was followed up by the first meeting of old and new parents selected to the Rugby Committee support…