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We departed Friday morning, and for the first time in history Parel Vallei High took 2 teams (Under 14 & 15) to the Kwagga Week 2017 in George! This is our 3rd year and expectations were high!  Months of preparation had gone into this, but without any match practice *mentalnote2018*

This year in a new capacity of assistant coach to both teams, tour manager and bus-driver I was more of a spectator also, than ever before. Coordination of 44 little egos, and 4 big ones in a sea of testosterone and puberty is a symphony of it's own.... Nonetheless, as Head of Rugby I am proud beyond words of our boys exemplary conduct both on and off the pitch. The compliments we received on manners, exemplary dress codes etc and positive feedback from coaches meetings has set the tone for the 2017 Bulldog Rugby season. Results aside, we have learnt valuable lessons... That is what tours are for, to build courage in the face of adverse conditions....

Full PV Rugby - Canon Outeniqua High
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