Tuesday, 15 May 2018

"We learn little from victory, but much in defeat..."

Saturday once again reminded me about how quickly the rugby tables can be turned, and in a complete reversal away from home, Hermanus took all but one match, a total turn-around of last years rugby fortunes at Camp Bulldog....

(Photo credit: Randall Haupt) 

Herewith the results that led to deep contemplation, and shook me for one out of my comfort zone! Not the start to a season Parel Vallei  Rugby is proud of, but quality opponents & increased levels of competition is the only way to the top! 

Under 14A lose 0 - 64
Under 14B lose 22 - 44
Under 15A win  26 - 8
Under 16A lose 15 - 22
Under 19B lose 10 - 19
Under 19A lose 12 - 52

At times like these it is when I turn to the sagely advice from a friend and mentor Coach Eugene Eloff. Read the full and highly enlightening piece for all coaches HERE

(Photo credit: Randall Haupt) 

**Overall PV Rugby stats to date**
U/19A & B  - 16/5/11
U/16A  -  8/5/3
U/15A & B  - 10/6/4
U/14 & B  - 13/8/5

Played 47
Won 24
Lost 23

On a more positive note we congratulate and wish the following players best of luck with the following achievements:

WP RDP Helderberg u/15 team:

Charles Booysen 
Gean van Wyk 
Juan Rossouw
Mikael Mohammed 
Jan-Harm Solomons 
Dean Laubscher
Hiram Cassiem
Kian Middleton
Matteo Titus

Thinus Pienaar. Head of Rugby. Parel Vallei High